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SSQ Financial Group joined in 2016 to provide a carpooling program to its employees.

The initiative is aiming to reach several objectives:

  • Improve relations and networkwing between employees.
  • Reduce business travel expenses for the company.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic on our roads.
  • Increase savings on rides made for personal reasons

Here are several aspects of the program powered by

Business travels management Employees who need to take the road for a business trip can post a ride and allow their colleagues to book it free of charge.

Certification of employees Employees are easily recognizable in ridesharing offers with a distinctive logo. This allows employees to rideshare with colleagues or with another member of

Reserved parking spaces for carpoolers The employer provides parking lot spaces for employees ridesharing together on a long distance ride.

Carpool crew meeting point for the general public In partnership with, SSQ Financial Group provides the general public with a carpool crew meeting point in front of SSQ Tower, close to Longueuil metro station. This location serves as a meeting point for all drivers and passengers of