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Desjardins joined The Carpooling Network in 2011 to provide a carpooling program to its 20 000 employees working in 120 offices across Canada and the U.S.

Provinces and states where the carpooling program is available:
• Alberta (Canada)
• British-Columbia (Canada)
• Ontario (Canada)
• Quebec (Canada)
• Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
• Florida (US)

The Carpooling Network’s software and management solutions allow this employer to administer the following incentives:

Reserved parking spaces for carpoolers in specific work sites – Employees who carpool to work and are registered in Desjardins’ carpooling program can take advantage of reserved parking spaces for carpoolers. These spaces are selected in strategic locations to facilitate access to the buildings.

Guaranteed return home program – Employees registered in the carpooling program will be reimbursed for fares paid to return home in case of an emergency. A function in the software enables employees to request their refund directly online, which facilitates the administration of this incentive for the employer.

Other details concerning the tools and services provided to this employer – A “multi-site” program has been implemented to facilitate the administration of a program that targets a large number of employees distributed in many work locations. The structure of the software enables a centralised or decentralised management of the incentives in effect in different work sites. Various elements of the program have also been adapted to the organisational context of each work site. The “Event” formula also enables Desjardins to encourage carpooling for commutes to events (ex: assemblies, congresses, workshops, etc.)