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Your one-stop carpool finder

Looking for a driver or passenger(s) to share the road? The is powered by a software whose main purpose is to display relevant carpool matches based on specific itineraries and schedules.

Confidentiality of your personal information : our priority! - Our integrated messaging service ensures confidentiality for all email addresses and other personal information, such as names. For all last minute carpooling needs, members can use the SMS messaging service.

Share the road and save

Our data indicate that individuals who carpool on a daily basis can save approximately $ 2,800.00 annually while also reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1.5 ton of carbon dioxide per year.

Try out the Driving cost sharing calculator and you'll be convinced of the benefits of carpooling!

This innovative and unique tool provides information on savings generated by carpooling and is also an essential guide for the establishment of a fair financial contribution between fellow carpoolers.


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