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Solutions for employers | Small business & large size organizations offers employers support and tools necessary for the implementation and effective management of a sustainable mobility program. The solutions can greatly encourage the use of alternative modes of transport to solo driving.

Overview of the consulting services offered

  • "Commuting habits diagnosis and interactive awareness", based on your needs, our innovative approach can enable you to:
    • Identify your employees’ commuting habits;
    • Calculate their environmental footprint and inventory their green house gas (GHG) emissions;
    • Evaluate transportation needs;
    • Develop a plan of action and implement incentives for alternatives to solo driving.

  • Inventory of the carbon footprint generated by business travels:
    • Advice and guidance throughout the process;
    • Access to specialized software and awareness tools;
    • Reports containing raw data and statistics;
    • Development of a sustainable mobility policy and implementation of a program to reduce the expenses related to business travels and the carbon footprint of an organization.

  • Implementation of a carpooling / sustainable mobility program:
    • Guidance in the development of incentives adapted to the context of the various locations of an organization.

  • Promotion and Awareness - Alternatives to the use of solo driving:
    • Creation and management of awareness campaigns;
    • Promotional material;
    • Management of promotional contests, awareness booth and other activities;
    • Personalized phone service for your program.

  • Turnkey management of incentives:
    • Organizations that do not wish to use human resources to ensure management of incentives can use our "turnkey" solutions:
      • Management of permits for reserved carpooling parking;
      • Management of refunds related to the guaranteed return home program;
      • Support for promotion and awareness;
      • Business travels management.

Software and management of a carpooling program

  • Software that enables the matching of employees registered to the carpooling program - Access through a personalized carpooling website in the image of your organization. Powerful software that allows your employees to pair up with other drivers or passengers (for their daily commutes or business trips).

  • Automated software – The main functions are automated, program managers do not need to get involved in matching or establishing contacts between them. Several other innovative features allow managers to focus their energies on promoting the program rather than on administrative tasks.

  • Software integrated into a well established network - Over 115,000 members registered and over 13 organizations using our online software (employers, educational institutions, transport agencies and cities) all over Canada and in many locations in the United States.

  • Solution tailored to the needs of SME – A simple and affordable solution to implement. It allows your employees to have access to carpool offers and requests from people around your location.

  • Solution for large companies – Designed to manage a "Multi-location" program across Canada and the United States. A solution that facilitates the management of a program targeting a large number of employees in various job sites. A structure enabling the centralized or decentralized management of incentives within various job sites. A program adaptable to the organizational context of each business sites of a company.

Other features of the software & management solutions

  • Management solutions for business travels – Organizations wishing to reduce their employees’ expenses linked to business trips can benefit from our tools and services that optimize these types of travels.
  • Software that inventories of the carbon footprint related to business travels - The implementation of a business travel policy can reduce expenses while making a carbon footprint inventory of business travels. Our innovative solutions can be adapted to the needs of your organization to help you implement your environmental policy while reducing your operating costs.

    For example, you can consult the GHG calculator related to travel habits developed for the City of Laval:

  • Shuttle service management | Business travel or "Vanpool" type - Your company wants to set up a shuttle service between its various offices or job sites to facilitate business travels? This solution allows you to decrease expenses related to business travels and to reduce the environmental footprint of your business.

    A shuttle service can also be offered to employers whose geographic location and organizational context interfere with activities of recruitment and retention of labor.

    In collaboration with companies specializing in the transportation of people, offers various consulting services for facilitating the establishment and management of such a service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information
We invite you to contact us for more information on the tools and services that could be provided to your organization. A transportation management solutions advisor will gladly answer any question you have.

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