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Over 116,000 registered members, 13 business clients and a lot more than carpooling !

A Carpooling website for drivers and passengers is a free platform available for anyone who is looking for carpoolers to share a ride. This simple and effective software counts more than 116,000 registered members and is functional throughout Canada and the United States. It can be used for daily commutes or one time and long distance trips.

Transportation management tools and consulting services for all types of organizations

Our primary mission is to provide to our customers the tools and services necessary for the implementation and effective management of sustainable mobility and carpooling programs.

Company at the forefront of the industry, has developed a business model based on partnerships with a diverse clientele: employers and institutions of all sizes, municipalities, transit agencies, events organizers, etc.

The wide range of tools and services can be adapted and personalized to their different needs and challenges. was launched in November 2005, thanks to the initiative of two dynamic entrepreneurs who wished to contribute to the environmental cause by providing an efficient solution to facilitate carpooling between commuters. has many objectives such as reducing the number of vehicles on the roads, reducing traffic congestion and reducing emissions of greenhouse gas. In addition, the company aims to collaborate with transit agencies to offer a complementary mode of transportation to their existing network.

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